Oster CKSTSKFM-1216R 12-Inch by 16-Inch Electric Skillet

Oster CKSTSKFM-1216R 12-Inch by 16-Inch Electric Skillet

The electric skillet, according to many, is a nifty little kitchen appliance. Why? Because it has multi-purpose features which allow the user to perform a variety of cooking methods on just one handy appliance. It is also capable of preparing bigger batches in case you need to whip up more party food for special events.

One example of an electric skillet is Oster’s model CKSTSKFM-1216R, a non-stick unit that is dishwasher-friendly, has a stay-cool knob and just plain makes your cooking procedures easier and free from inconveniences.

This is a review of the product; we are going to discuss both good and bad points. To know more about its features, pros and cons, read the rest of this article.

Oster 12 16 Inch Electric Skillet

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  • Features 12-inch by 16-inch non-stick cooking surface
  • Includes tempered glass cover with built-in steam vent
  • Features Stay-Cool knob
  • Includes detachable and adjustable temperature controller
  • Includes dishwasher-friendly components
  • Comes in red and black colors
  • Includes user manual
  • Includes 1-year warranty


The CKSTSKFM-1216R electric skillet by Oster has plenty of features that will assist in making those cooking procedures simpler, thus it makes for an ideal companion to busy professionals. It is portable too, you can carry it with you for spur-of-the-moment parties and events so you won’t have to worry about running out of food.

It has an adjustable temperature control and tempered glass cover which is vented too. A glass lid with a built-in steam vent is good news since it helps in maintaining stable, accurate temperatures to make your culinary exploits a success.

Cooking on high heat won’t pose as a problem too since the unit includes a Stay-Cool knob that helps safeguard your hands burning. The knob is removable and can fit together with your other kitchen equipment in the storage cabinet. A removable component means it makes for a hassle-free carrying of the unit as well.

Other advantages include its bigger, non-stick surface. The model offers cooks with a 12-inch by 16-inch non-stick cooking surface so you can make your choice meals on it. That is a sufficient amount of space for culinary enthusiasts and users who are always whipping up meals for their families. The main purpose of the unit, after all, is to cook a great quantity of food in it, a task that the model was able to do.

It can heat up fast, which is ideal for home cooks who need to get things accomplished on time. There are no waiting periods using this unit from Oster since it has this ability to heat things quickly—no more wasting time preheating the skillet since the device can do the job in an instant.


The unit was well-loved by many customers who have bought it, but there were some who were not quite satisfied with the device. According to one user, its huge size might make storing the product a challenge for those with limited spaces. A number of customers also noticed that its control dial may require some upgrading—it does not have sufficient markings.

Some people might have a hard time determining which setting was aligned. You might also do some guesstimating when it comes to setting temperatures since it can only be increased and reduced in increments of 50 degrees. Anything in between those two will require some guesswork.


So is Oster’s CKSTSKFM-1216R still worth investing in? In our opinion, the model is indeed an electric skillet with great quality. This is one of the company’s nicest buys and it is also relatively affordable. If you would like to own an electric skillet with a bigger cooking surface, heat-resistant knobs and fast heating functions, this one will hit the spot.

It is also portable so it is perfect for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, not only parties. This is a model that is made to feed plenty of people so it is family-centric kitchen equipment and will be a hit for cooking enthusiasts who love making dishes for their friends.

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