Electric Skillet Sizes

Electric Skillet Sizes

Electric skillets are the best option in the market when it comes to fast and convenient cooking appliances in the kitchen. They have features that transcend traditional stoves and frying pans. They have an option of a temperature control to enable precise heating and allow you to set the right temperature when cooking your special dish.

The surface of the skillet is coated and is non-stick to avoid burning food. Skillets comes in different sizes and options but generally they save on space. However, large skillets take up more space in the kitchen compared to the smaller sizes.

There are a variety of electric skillets with different features and sizes. People buy skillets depending on their cooking habits and the size of their kitchen. How often you cook and the space available affects the size of the skillet that you will go for.

Before buying one, you must determine the size of the electric skillet that is fit for your cooking. Electric skillets can be larger than stoves. If you cook for many people and often make a lot of food then you should go for a large-sized skillet that will make your cooking faster and more comfortable.

One must ensure and take into the account the space in the kitchen available for this appliance. Larger skillets have more storage space than smaller sizes. Other people may prefer small models. It is entirely based on your preferences.

The shape of the electric skillet determines its storage space and the amount of food it can cook at once. There are square and round shaped models in the market. Square ones provide more space that allows you to cook more food items than round ones.

However, square shaped skillets may take more storage space than round ones. The shapes of the skillet,however,does not affect the size.

The length or the depth of electric skillets affects the amount of food they can hold in one cooking setting. The skillets with high sides can accommodate larger amounts of food. One must also check the highest temperature settings of the skillet.

Models that can go up to 450 degrees are able to deep fry well and there are models that are good with stir-frying and pan-frying.

Each electric skillet is good at specific cooking methods. Most skillets can do frying, braising and more. Some of them have additional options for baking, grilling and roasting. Interestingly, the lid of the skillet is also a factor to consider when buying one. A glass lid may allow you to check the cooking progress. Heat resistant handles are favored. The skillet is safe for use when the handles are heat resistant.

You must decide on the pan material you prefer for the skillet. Some electric skillets are aluminum and have a coating that is non-stick for precise and even heating of food. Stainless steel options may be very expensive.

One must also review the cleaning options for the models that you prefer. The thickness of the pan’s sides and surface is also priority. Thick-sided skillets heat more evenly compared to thinner ones. The bottom of the skillet is good when flat.

When it is curved, cooking certain foods like pancakes may be a hindrance. These are some of the factors that must be considered when going for an electric skillet and may also determine the time and amount of food you can cook at a time.

As said before, the size of the electric skillet is a big factor and determines many other factors, such as, the amount of food and the storage space taken by the skillet. Skillets are available in smaller, medium sized and larger sizes in the market.

Small electric skillets have heating surfaces that measure approximately 5 by 5 inches. These skillets can only cooka small amount of food at a time. They have small surfaced pans and the pans maybe high sided or short sided. The thickness of the pan is not necessarily affected by the size of the skillet.

Smaller skillets takes less time to heat foods compared to larger ones. They are space-savers hence can be placed in a little kitchen. However, features such as temperature control and dishwasher function may be limited.

Medium sized electric skillets have heating surfaces that are larger than smaller skillets. The coating and the non-stick option on the skillet is not determined by the medium size that it has. It can comfortably hold more food but not in large amounts. It is fit for medium catering businesses and a considerably large family. This skillet heats food faster and more evenly than smaller sized ones. They may have the temperature control, “keep warm” option and the dishwasher function or not. This size takes up more space in your kitchen.

Large size electric skillets are the biggest of all with some having heating pans measuring up to 40 by 40 inches. These skillets will accommodate large amounts of food at a time and heat even faster. These skillets take up more space.

They are prone to have features such as temperature controls to control the heating levels andnon-stick coated pans to prevent burning of food. The dishwasher function and the “keep warm” option cannot be limited to any of the sizes. This size is suitable for commercial purposes, for example, hotels, companies and buffets.

Despite their different sizes, electric skillets still perform the same function of heating food faster and with less effort and generally save on space and are more convenient compared to frying pans and traditional stoves. The size of the skillet only determines the amount of food that it can hold in one heating session and the amount of space that it takes.

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