Electric Skillet Pan

Electric Skillet Pan

The electric skillet pan is the heating surface that comes with the electric skillet for heating or purposes or is bought to be used on an electric skillet. With the electric skillet pan, you can fry, heat food, bake and even warm food.It is one of the ideal appliances for cooking which is useful and is versatile for its ability to perform other functions. It may come with a dishwasher function for washing plates when heating is not taking place.

An electric skillet pan may have a temperature control for setting heating levels for the specific food being cooked and the heating functions in process. Some have lids with vents for effective heating and they are portable due to their compact structure. The electric skillet pan may come with some special features, suchas, the “keep warm’ function which keeps the food warm hence you can cook and store your food waiting for the perfect meal time. The skillet pan is indeed a high performance kitchen appliance.

Electric skillet pans have distinct features. There are pans as small as 2 inches and large ones that measure about 15 inches. They vary in sizes and the choice of the size of the skillet pan depends on the amount of food you intend to cook at a time, something that is always determined by the size of the family or the business if you are using it for cooking.

Skillet pans come in two shapes, either round or square. The square, large sized pan often carries a large amount of food and may be preferred by people who do a lot of cooking. The electric fry pans are made of aluminumor some are of stainless steel and are always expensive.

The pan is coated to avoid the scorching and burning of food during heating and to ensure even heating across its surface which brings out faster cooking and well-cooked foods. The type of the material and finishing of the pan influences the price of the electric skillet pan.

The cooking surface of the electric skillet pan is non-stick and this prevents food from sticking and allows the use of regular utensils while also makes it easier for cleaning. The surface does not recommend the use of serving utensils and metals for stirring purposes because this scratches the coating. Once the coating is scratched, it’s suggested to buy a new pan because if not, a scratched pan will enable sticking of food and creation of “hot spots” hence uneven heating of food.

The cover, lids and handles of the electric skillet are also a factor when choosing an electric skillet pan. The covers are made of either glass or metal. There are shallow and dome shaped lids. The deep lids, which are dome shaped, allow space for cooking sizeable meat pieces or baking. The lids should have a vent to allow circulation of steam and effective heating.

People love smelling the aroma of their food while cooking. The handles should be heat resistant to avoid burning when cooking. The handles should be long enough from the pan to allow safe holding without getting into contact with the heat. However, longer handles take up more space. Some electric skillets have handles that are removable to ease washing.

They are also special features that come with developed electric skillet pans in the market. Some have a temperature control for the precise setting of the heating levels to accommodate the cooking in question, such as, deep-frying and baking.

Skillets may have the “keep warm” function for warming food while you are cooking i.e. one can warm baby food. Some of them are even dishwasher safe. Some have unique features, such as the fry baskets for frying. However these added features often result in a higher cost.

There are various factors that are a must when shopping for an electric skillet frying pan. The size of the skillet pan is important in relation to the needs of the buyer of whether they intend to cook large amounts of food or not.

A good skillet pan should have a heat control for removal of the food when it is hot. The handles are to be heat resistant and availability of the temperature control for setting of temperature. The surface should be properly coated and non-stick to avid burning of food and ensure even heating all over its surface. The other special features are up to your needs.

The electric skillet pan should be handled with much care and used for the right purposes. The pan should be washed before using for the first time. The appliance should be off before setting the heat control and plugging it into the power outlet. Thetemperature must be set according to the desired heating levels and the indicator light will show when the level is reached. The temperature control settings must be adhered to at all times.

Food is not supposed to be overcrowded when browning. The non-stick and coated fry pans are delicate and should not be scratched by using serving utensils or stirring by metal spoons. The pan is highly sensitive and is advised to be handled properly as per the instructions included.

However, this pan may cost more with each added feature. They also consume more power due to their high voltage and heating functions. They can cook more food faster allow this depends on the size of the pan. This kitchen appliance is definitely a space-saver and can generally fit in a modern medium-sized kitchen setting.

It is suitable for cooking in large families, hotels and buffets as a result of its warming tray and fast cooking of large amounts of food. Some of the foods one can cook using this electric skillet pan are baking cakes, popping popcorns, baking meat and chicken pies, and more. It can also be used to heat coffee, rolls and cake. From its excellent design, functions and portability, it is ultimately the better option than the stove top for cooking purposes.

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