Aroma AFP-1600S Gourmet Series Stainless Steel Electric Skillet Review

Aroma AFP-1600S Gourmet Series Stainless Steel Electric Skillet Review

The Aroma Gourmet AFP-1600S series is another very impressive and cost efficient electric skillet on the list. This kitchen utensil combines modern electric convenience with a classic cookware style that is both appealing and innovative.

The Aroma AFP series skillet is made using very high quality 18/10 stainless steel. Stainless steel has about 18 percent chromium content and 10 percent nickel content. Stainless differs from carbon steel by the amount of Chromium present. The skillet, according to the manufacturer is “built to stand the test of time.”

The Aroma Gourmet AFP electric skillet has an impact bonded base which has aluminum fit in between two layers of stainless steel to distribute heatquickly and evenly.

The equipment has an easy to use removable temperature control that can be used to set your desired cooking temperature.Ranging from 225° to 425°, the AFP electric skillet is best suited for a variety of cooking needs such as braising, simmering, pan frying, stir frying, griddling, browning and a lot more.

This electric skillet also comes with a tempered glass lid that allows for easy monitoring of food while it’s being cooked. The tempered glass lid also allows for the meals to remain warm while retaining moisture and heat.

The skillet is also very fashionable with its elegant design making it a presentable and usable serving vessel for buffet service. This electric skillet is also very portable.

On the flip side, the Aroma AFP-1600s series electric skillet is not dishwasher friendly because it is not submersible. However, that isn’t much of a problem as it cleans up pretty easily.

The 1600s series electric skillet distributes heat evenly but is not non-stick, due to the fact that it is a ‘naked’ stainless electric skillet, coated without any finish.

Aroma Electric Skillet

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  • Made of high-quality stainless steel material
  • Non-coated stainless steel skillet
  • Impact bonding with aluminum for outstanding performance and even distribution of heat.
  • A dual use skillet, and can be used for both serving dishes and cooking
  • Tempered glass lid which allows monitoring of the food
  • It weighs about 5 pounds which is not very heavy for an electric skillet


  • This electric skillet is very versatile and can easily cook just about any food or snack, from toasts, broths, roasts. It is perfect for one piece dishes.
  • The skillet is wide and right for shallow frying thanks to its wide base dimension.
  • This electric skillet can easily be cleaned.
  • The heavy cast aluminum base of this skillet is non-stick, and thus easy to clean up after use.
  • The skillet is very energy efficient and thus perfect for minimizing power usage.
  • The tempered glass cover lets you easily view your meals during preparation.
  • This electric skillet is priced reasonably at about $55.
  • This Aroma electric skillet is great for both cooking and serving dishes.
  • It is large enough for medium-sized families to comfortably and conveniently prepare dishes at once.
  • The skillet is lightweight, weighingin at about 5 pounds. which is convenient to carry


  • The skillet is not dishwater friendly and not submersible in water.
  • A few users have complained of the skillet getting very hot even at the lowest temperature setting of 225degrees.
  • The handles of the skillet are not very heat resistant and would cause burns if lifted with bare hands; they are best lifted with oven mitts.


The Aroma Gourmet AFP-1600S series electric skillet does a good job of getting meals quickly cooked to perfection. However, it tends to heat up quickly according to various users of the skillet.

This electric skillet comes with a tempered glass lid which lets you easily monitor your meal while it’s being cooked.

The price of the skillet also is considerate enough at about $55; it offers both a stylish and convenient method of preparing meals.

Overall, the AFP-1600S series electric skillet is an impressive skillet with few flaws.

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