Who Makes The Best Electric Skillet?

Who Makes The Best Electric Skillet?

Electric skillets refer to pans that are plugged to a socket in order to use electricity as the source of fuel. They prepare food without using the stovetop, unlike, kitchen stoves. Skillets may have heating surfaces, something that the stove lacks. Their surfaces are non-stick and have a coating which prevents burning of food during heating.

These versatile kitchen appliances may have some added features such as being dish washer safe and a warming tray that allows for warming of food and this is convenient for families with babies and catering businesses, for example, buffets.

Skillets come in different shapes and sizes. Most of them are made of aluminum and the stainless steel ones may be expensive.

When shopping for a skillet, there are many factors that will influence your choice. Each skillet has a specific function and one must go for the one that is suitable for cooking habits and storage space. Your budget is the major factor in purchasing one.

You must assess the money you want to spend on a skillet and this helps you narrow in on the options that you can afford. Expensive skillets have added features, such as a warming tray, dish washer safe function and options for baking, deep-frying and more which makes your cooking experience easier.

The size and shape of the skillet is a must. Electric skillets come in various shapes and sizes. When deciding on a size, you must figure out the amount of food you will be cooking and the available space for it in the kitchen. Larger sizes can hold large amounts of food but occupy a larger space.

The cleaning method for the skillet is also important. They may require thorough cleaning. Some are dish washer safe.

Temperature control is indeed something to look into. Skillets have a temperature gauge for setting the heating levels for the food being heated. Some skillets have either a high or low heat option while others may have a warm option and this will entirely influence the type of cooking that you will be able to do. For example, for deep-frying purposes, a skillet that can reach 450 degrees is suitable.

Your cooking style and habits have several implications on the type of the skillet that you shop for. If you cook a lot of soup, then you may prefer one with a glass lid. This allows you to have a look at the food during the heating process. People who cook larger amounts of food frequently require larger skillets.

And to top all of this factors, the brands of the electric skillets is always a must look. People prefer popular makes of electric skillets.

Brands make different and unique features in order to bring out healthy competition and strive to satisfy the needs of buyers. You should know the widely popular makers of skillets and I have outlined them below in detail.

The Presto Electric Foldaway skillet is a model from Presto and is a multi-functional option with the ability to grill, fry, stew and even bake. It has a heat regulating function and a temperature control and has a surface that is coated, is non-stick and made of aluminum that facilitates easier cleaning and even heating. This skillet is highly flexible and will make your food cooking experiences faster and fun.

The Oster electric skillet is an outstanding model thanks to it suitability for both indoor and outdoor functions. It has a large cooking area for cooking larger amounts of food. It has several features. It is dishwasher safe, has a temperature regulator and its non-stick pan makes it convenient for use.

The Black and Decker electric skillet has a spacious heating surface for food preparation. The interior has a depth of about 2 inches and is fit for buffet purposes for its ability to hold larger amounts of food. Its most attractive features are the non-stick pan for easier cleaning. It is also temperature adjustable hence regulating the temperature during cooking. It also has a glass lid that makes it easier for viewing your food.

The Cuisinart Electric skillet of CSK-150 model is unique for its stainless steel material with a spacious surface for cooking considerable amounts of food. It has a temperature regulator with an indicator that shows when the desired heating level is reached. The skillet has portable handles for convenient cleaning. It also have a non-stick coated surface for even distribution of heat. This make is expensive for its stainless steel material.

The National Presto Electric foldaway skillet is also a model by the Presto maker. It is considered one of the best models and features unique specifications. Its pan is made of aluminum for strength hence making it durable. The skillet boasts ofa heat control for regulating heating levels. It has a detachable base for easy cleaning and saves on the space taken during storage. This appliance has a spill-proof spout that is also a spoon holder. The heating regulator is removable and makes it easy to clean the skillet.

The precise Heat rectangular electric skillet is constructed with steel and is ideal for using outdoors. It is rust proof and has a temperature control for adjusting the temperature during cooking. The lid fits the pan thereby retaining moisture. Its rectangular design makes it able to hold larger amounts of food.

The Delonghi Perfecto indoor grill is from DeLonghi and offers grill purposes and has a spacious cooking area that accommodates considerable amounts of food and this make is ideal for making grilled vegetables and meat. It has a heating element that brings out the even distribution of heat. The pan is non-stick for easy cleaning and the device also has a temperature control for setting the desired temperature.

Those are just some of the popular brands of skillets. The choice is entirely based on you, the buyer.

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