Non-Teflon Electric Skillet

Non-Teflon Electric Skillet

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Electric skillets have a heating pan that is plugged to a source of power. The heating pan is the source of heat during cooking while using this appliance. It involves direct application of heat thus makes the cooking faster and the heat is evenly distributed. Some skillets, however, come with heating surfaces. In this case, the food is placed on the provided heating surface during cooking.

The heating surfaces are normally coated to make it easier for washing and for even heating. This surfaceon most skillets isnon-stick and makes cleaning easy. The coating may consist of Teflon or may be made of stainless steel. The choice of the material of the heating surfaces affects many factors during heating.

The material of the surface, however, does not affect some special features that skillets have. Here are the features and components of an electric skillet that are available in both Teflon-coated surfaces and surfaces that are not coated with Teflon. Skillets have a heat and temperature control function that facilitates the setting of the desired heating level of the food that is being heated.

This option prevents over heating of food and one controls the heat. In some extra unique skillets, there is a notification light or an alarm that goes off when the set maximum of heat is reached. Your food will not turn out raw when using this kitchen appliance.

The skillet may be dishwasher safe. Some skillets may also have a warming tray for warming food while you are cooking. This is beneficial when you cook before the desired time of the meal; one can store the food by applying the “keep warm” option and have it eaten later. Skillets have different specializations and cooking options. For example, grilling, baking, deep-frying, stir-frying and cooking of many dishes.

Skillets are available in different sizes and shapes. This is not determined by the material of the coated heating surface. The law that says that the larger the size of the surface, the more amount of food that they can hold during cooking definitely applies here. There are small, medium and large skillets. The heating surfaces and pans of skillets are generally larger compared to the stove top.

There are different types of electric skillets based on the material of the heating surface. Thereare skillet pans that are made of cast iron. This type costsless. Stainless steel pansareslightly bigger and are another option other than Teflon-coated pans. The Teflon-coated pan is deemed harmful due to an emission of toxic fumes during heating. Harmful fumes are emitted when Teflon is exposed to heat.

This may contain carcinogenic materials and through the food that is cooked on the skittle, one may get Cancer. A non-Teflon coating is better than one coated with Teflon. This provides a bigger heating surface and one can cook food items, such as, pancakes.

There are different reasons why non-Teflon coated electric skillet pans are the best option when shopping for a skillet. Teflon-coated pans have always been deemed dangerous to your health as a consumer of the food that is cooked on it.It has been substantiated that Teflon contains an acid known as Perfluorooctanoic and it is also present in non-stick coatings that are placed on cooking ware.

People are exposed to this harmful acid by eating contaminated food. Researchers have established that non-stick pans give off vapors of this acid. To reduce the exposure to this life threatening substance, it is advised to avoid pans made of Teflon non-stick coatings. Stainless steel or cast iron is preferred as a material of making cookware.

Non-Teflon electric skillet are argued to have a shorter time span compared to ones coated with Teflon. This claims have, however, not been substantiated. These skillet are always expensive. If they are not made of Teflon, then there are only two other materials to choose from: cast iron and stainless steel.

This is a factor one must consider when shopping for a skillet. Your budget will determine if you will go for the expensive non-Teflon coated electric skillet which is expensive but healthy or go for the one coated with this rather harmful material, Teflon.

The Teflon-coated heating surface is not entirely disadvantageous; the coating prevents burning of food while heating and there is also even heating of food during cooking. The surface is also non-stick and this makes it easier for washing. It is also fast and efficient in cooking and is preferred when choosing a kitchen appliance. The skillet is a space-saver. It boasts of these featuresi.e.warming tray, dish washer function and a heat control despite the heating surface being harmful as a result of Teflon.

An example of a non-Teflon electric skillet is the Precise Heat Rectangular Non-stick stainless steel electric skillet. This skillet is made of stainless steel and not Teflon and this makes it a non-Teflon skillet. This skillet can be used as an extension of your kitchen stove.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about your stove and it saves on space. It has a large cooking surface for cooking large amounts of food. The stainless steel lid keeps your food warm after cooking. It has insulated handles for your safety and convenience and is durable for long term use. It has a temperature control that enables you to set and control the temperature while cooking.

And its difference is the material of the heating surface, the stainless steel. For this reason it is referred to as a non-Teflon electric skillet. Though these skillets tend to be expensive, they provide several cooking options for your kitchen from baking, grilling, cooking special dishes and other specialized options that come with every skillet, irrespective of the material it is made of, either Teflon or non-Teflon. This skillet is the ultimate choice for fast, versatile and healthy cooking.

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