Electric Skillets Comparison

Electric Skillets Comparison

An electric skillet is a pan that can be used for frying or cooking purposes that uses electricity. Instead of being placed on a traditional stove, it is plugged into an electric outlet. Some skillets have heating surfaces hence making the frying faster and easier, something that cooking with a stove does not offer.

The electric skillet is available in different shapes, such as, round and square shapes. The skillet may measure as little as 12 by 12 inches up to larger ones of 18 by 18 inches which provides a larger heating surface. Their sizes makes them more advantageous compared to stoves because they provide large surfaces for heating and frying. However, one requires a larger space to place large-sized skillets.

The electric skillet has a surface that is non-stick hence you can avoid burning food during heating. They also have temperature controls to enable you set the right and preferred temperature as per the food you are cooking on it.Some skillets are also dishwasher safe. Some of these features, however, may be limited to certain types of electric skillets.

Caution is advised when placing the skillet in the dishwasher as the plug must be removed from the power socket. Skillets are able to use electricity for frying and heating, unlike stoves which may be limited only to gas as a fuel product. Some electric skillets have a “keep warm” feature which keeps the food warm, and can also act as a short term storage option.

You can cook your food and leave it to remain warm while waiting for dinner time. With a stove and other cooking options, once the food is cooked you must find a way of keeping it warm thereafter. This function is perfect for cooking businesses, such as, hotels and buffets.

Most of the electric skillets that are available in the market have coatings that are non-stick and made of aluminum.But there are also ones made of stainless steel. When using a skillet with a non-stick coating, one is advised to avoid using serving utensils or objects made of metal. This may scratch the coating. If the coating starts peeling off, it’s old and it’s better you arrange for a new skillet.

The electric skillet should be placed in a safe place and off limits, especially from children. It is appropriate to place it far from the edges to prevent easy reach or falling. The skillet should stand on its own, rather than placing it on a stove top or oven. For high performance and safety, it must be handled with care.

An electric skillet has an advantage of having a steady temperature compared to a pan or stove. Thus, it is suitable for many uses, such as, frying doughnuts, cooking pancakes and more. It is fast in frying and cooking and is always used for meals that require being prepared over a short time. Many people have it as a breakfast machine, making breakfast when rushing to start the day.

There are various foods that you can prepare deliciously with the help of a skillet, for example, pasta, beef, steak, and several seafood recipes. With a skillet, there is even heating on the surface and the food gets cooked all over. It has the right temperature because one sets the temperature and you can cook a lot of food with it over a short time in a little space.

Electric skillets serve the same purpose as frying pans and stoves. The electric skillet uses electricity because it is plugged into an electric outlet but the frying pan is placed on a heating source, such as a cooker while the stove may use gas. The heating is also faster due to the use of electricity.

Skillets come in different sizes and shapes. They may be round or square and small or large. You shop for one according to the space you have. Most skillets save on space and can fit into a little kitchen, however most stoves may need more space for convenient use.

The electric skillet has a temperature control feature that allows you to set the right temperature that is appropriate for your cooking. Stoves and frying pans do not have this option and may cause burning of the food when there is overheating and less-cooked food due to less heating.

The skillet has a surface that is non-stick hence preventing sticking of the food while pans may easily have sticking and scorching of food due to their surfaces that lack this feature.

Some skillets are dishwasher-safe. Skillets may have the “keep warm” option that keeps food warm while stoves does not provide this and the cooked food gets cold when there is no other alternative storage options.

With a skillet, there is even heating on the surface unlike frying pans that have “hot spots”. This allows for properly cooked food, like, pancakes while food made on pans may have other parts less cooked.

However, one must practice extra caution while using skillets and larger ones may take more space. The coating gets scratched when metal and serving dishes are used.

Generally, electric skillets compared to frying pans and stoves, are faster, space-savers and cook better because of the appropriate heating and the temperature controls. They save time and energy and enable precise heating and can cook many foods at a time. They are useful in the kitchen and the use of electric skillets is the ideal choice for modern day cooking.

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