Can You Bake Using an Electric Skillet?

Can You Bake Using an Electric Skillet?

If you place convenience in mind while cooking, you probably own an electric skillet by now. Electric skillets, for the uninformed, are devices that are plugged into an outlet in order to function. They prepare meals without the help of a stove and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to better accommodate each individual’s needs.

The electric skillet has features that make cooking in a variety of styles possible. There are models that have glass lids on them, which allow users to check on the food while cooking so the needed heat won’t escape and interrupt the cooking procedure. Some may also feature drainage spouts since they let cooks dispense the oil or broth from the food and makes the whole cooking process easier and safer.

Models with locking lids, even though they tend to be pricier than standard models, are also worth the investment since it makes transporting your meals from one location to another easier and faster. The majority of models also have non-stick coating so food won’t stick to the pan and makes for easier cleanup. Several models also include adjustable steam vents on them to guarantee that no spills will happen during the cooking process. For safer handling, you can go for units with heat-resistant handles so you won’t have to make use of oven mitts to carry them.

Electric skillets are perfectly capable of heating evenly. It can heat all the way across thus you will always end up with properly-cooked meals. Its temperature is also consistent. You can set it at a temperature that you need and it will remain that way. It can also cook plenty of batches in one sitting, which makes it the perfect device to cook meals for a family.

As mentioned before, it can handle a variety of cooking styles. It can do stir-frying, sautéing, deep-frying and even baking. Can you bake in an electric skillet? This question thus far is popular among kitchen appliance enthusiasts. The answer so far has been done by plenty of kitchen fixture companies by way of their baking-friendly electric skillets.

You can use the device to bake a variety of foods from biscuits, cakes, cornbread and even potatoes. Although you have to create several adjustments like making use of a baking pan that will fit properly inside the skillet or lining a skillet with aluminum foil, you can still employ your choice baking recipes and mixes in the device. There is, in fact, a good number of baking recipes online that makes use of the product. All you have to do is add some choice keywords in the search bar, press search and you will be provided with recipes that you can try out using your electric skillet.

Electric skillets are non-stick so it is definitely a good device to use for baking. The additional procedures mentioned (lining the pan with aluminum foil, etc.) are pretty simple and will not require too much extra device. There are no supplemental procedures involved in using mixes either; you only have to follow the baking procedures as provided in the baking mix. The only thing you have to mind though is the size of the baking pan since it has to fit the skillet properly, or you will end up with a lackluster output.

Electric skillets are often retailed in kitchen appliance stores. They can also be bought online; bigger retail companies have their own homepages with listings of their kitchen aids while sites like Amazon feature even a wider selection of electric skillets. There are plenty of options available for the budget-conscious and individuals who want products with all those extra features. Whether you want an electric skillet that can handle a several cooking styles or a model that is utilitarian and capable of providing fast and easy meals, there is an electric skillet out there which will perfectly complement your cooking requirements.

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