10 Inch Electric Skillet

10 Inch Electric Skillet

Electric skillets are used for cooking purposes in the kitchen. The kitchen appliance can also be used for various functions. It may come with an option for baking, deep-frying and stir-frying certain foods. Thus, the skillet is a fast method of cooking food because the pan is plugged into a power outlet for heating.

It is also efficient in cooking because there is even distribution of heat hence the food becomes well cooked, unlike, stove tops that may have “hot spots” and other parts may remain raw even after cooking.

The skillet may also boast of other unique features, such as, dishwasher function, warming tray and detachable handles. Most of them have temperature controls for setting the desired heating level of the food.

Electric skillets come in different sizes from small, medium to large ones. The choice of a particular size depends on your cooking habits. For people who cook most of the time and have larger families hence more amounts of food are cooked, then the large sized skillet is the best option.

The size affects the storage space it will take in the kitchen and the amount of food the pan can hold during heating. An average 10 inch electric skillet is a medium size electric skillet which has the features of other skillets and can pretty perform similar functions despite limited to a size of only 10 inches.

A 10 inch electric skillet is a skillet measuring about 10 by 10 inches. Its size, however, does not affect the shape that it takes. Electric skillets are available in three different shapes: rectangular, round and square.

By this virtue, one can find a 10 inch skillet that is either round, square or rectangular. A square shaped skillet may be able to hold more food compared to round ones. Rectangular skillets are large and suitable for buffets.

Electric skillets are not limited, anyway to any of the specializations, options and features that other skillets have. For this reason, the brand determines which features a skillet will have. The electric skillet may have a heating surface, something that stoves lack. The heating surface is large to accommodate larger amounts of food.

The surface is coated and is usually made of aluminum though there are stainless steel ones. The coating ensures that there is even distribution of heat to avoid raw cooked foods. The non-stick surface makes it easier for cleaning purposes.

Skillets, irrespective of the number of the inches they measure, should have a lid. The choice of the lid depends entirely on you. Some may prefer transparent lids in order to see the appearance of food while cooking. Lids with vents also allow circulation of air and the escape of steam during cooking. Without a doubt, some people love to smell the sweet aroma of the food they are cooking.

Skillets may also be dishwasher safe. It may also have a warming tray for warming food while cooking. This is effective when it comes to storage of food. A good skillet has a temperature control for setting the desired level of heating during cooking. Newly developed ones even have an indicator or an alarm that goes off when the set heating level is reached. This prevents burning of food.

An electric skillet is very useful in the kitchen in modern day cooking. It may be for both indoor and outdoor functions. They come with different options; there are skillets that have a baking, frying or grill option. With these features, you can cook your favorite meal and store it in the appliance for later consumption.

One is also able to bake, including rolls and cakes as well as deep fry meat. It is a preferred cooking device because it is fast in heating, enhancing the heating of food and is definitely a space saver although the space it occupies entirely varies according to its size. A 10 inch size is definitely a space-saver in the kitchen.

These features are not available just for a skillet of 10 inches but for electric skillets ingeneral. This appliance is suitable for cooking for large amounts of people, such as hotels and buffets where food needs to be served warm. Its versatility and portability is an advantage when working with this device in the kitchen.

An example of the 10 inch electric skillet is the ZZ SK577 10 by 10 inch electric skillet that has a glass cover lid. This skillet is a 10 inch square with a non-stick cooking surface that is large enough for food and easy toclean. The base of the skillet is heavy and durable. It comes with a glass lid that has a vent enabling you to see the food while cooking and releasing of the steam.

It has a temperature control that is adjustable and can be removed making it difficult for your food to burn and the cleaning much easier, in the case of the latter feature. The side handles enable easy movement in the kitchen thus making it portable.

This skillet comes with a one year warranty after purchase. Due to its 10 inch size, it is automatically a space-saver and is convenient for use in a normal kitchen.

After laying bare the 10 inch electric skillet and giving an available type in the market, it is notable that it is worth buying for your cooking.

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